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The DMEM medium has been used for the culture of a wide range of attached cells. The used of 4.5 g/l of glucose in the medium show an optimal cell growth for some cell lines. 
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DMEM medium powder, with glucose 4.5 g/l, without glutamine, without bicarbonate, with Na pyruvate

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium is a dry mixture of inorganic salts, amino acids, vitamins, glucose and phenolic red for liquid medium preparation. The medium conteins 25 mmol of HEPES and has a high buffer capacity. Requires additional sodium bicarbonate and glutamine.

The DMEM medium has been used for the culture of a wide range of attached cells. The used of 4.5 g/l of glucose in the medium show an optimal cell growth for some cell lines. 

This product is intended for research purposes.

Preparation instructions:

  1. Measure out 90% of final required volume of cell culture grade water. Water temperature should be 15-20°C. Mix gently, slowly add the powdered medium. Do not heat, stir until completely dissolved.
  2. Rinse original package with a small amount of water to remove all traces of powder.

  3. Add a sodium bicarbonate and glutamine* to solution. Stir until dissolved.

  4. Measure pH after complete dissolution. The pH value should be lower than the finished solution pH near 0.2 units. To adjust pH, use cultural grade solutions of 1N HCl or 1N NaOH.

  5. When the required pH is reached add additional water to bring the solution to final volume.

  6. Sterilize immediately by filtration using a membrane with a porosity of 0.22 µm (or less). Aseptically dispense medium into sterile container.

  7. The finished product should be stored at temperature of +2 to +8 °C in a dry place protected from light.

  8. Manipulate the product in aseptic conditions.
  • Attention: after filtration pH increases by 0.1-0.3 units.

* Glutamine degrades in solution during long-term storage, so it can be added sterile glutamine directly before using the media. The stable analog of glutamine is alanyl-glutamine (С Ф102626 or Ф005) available too.

Recommended Use:

  • Do not use the product after its expiry date.
  • Dry powder medium should be free flowing. Do not use if powder caked.
  • Use gloves, mask and clothes adapted to the manipulation of the product to avoid contamination.
  • Manipulate the product in aseptic conditions. 
  • Supplements such as antibiotics or L-Glutamine should be added as sterile supplements to the ready medium.
  • Medium should be clear and free of opalescence and sediment. 

HOW SUPPLIED: The powdered mix is available in ziplock bags or plastic cans.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years.

STORAGE: +2 to +8 °C. Protect the product from any form of humidity and light.


D-Ca-Pantothenate 4
Choline Chloride 4
i-Inositol 7,2
Nicotinamide 4
Pyridoxal HCl 4
Riboflavin 0,4
Thiamine HCl 4
Phenolic Red 4
NaCl 4 750
L-Cystine 48,3
L-Tyrosine 72,1
KCl 400
MgSO4 х 7H2O 200
NaH2PO4 x H2O 125
D-glucose 4500
CaCl2  200
FeSO4 x 7H2O 0,07
Pyruvate Na 110
L-Arginine 69,46
Glycine 30
L-Histidine 31
L-Isoleucine 105
L-Leucine 105
L-Lysine HCl 146
L-Methionine 30
L-Phenylalanine 66
L-Serine 42
L-Threonine 95
L-Tryptophan 16
L-Valine 94
NaHCO3 3 700
Phenolic Red 15
HEPES 5958
  • Medium: DMEM
  • Sterility -
  • Glutamine: Without Glutamine
  • Glucose content: 4,5 g/l
  • HEPES: +
  • Sodium Pyruvate +
  • Sodium Bicarbonate -
  • Documents: For research purposes
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