We invite you to participate in the exhibition

The purpose is to assist in accelerating development of the Russian scientific, technological and production base of the bioindustry to ensure the country's drug and industrial safety on the principles of import substitution, to create a pool of biotechnological enterprises operating in various economic segments and focused on production based on the use of renewable resources and the latest domestic developments of popular biological products for healthcare and medicine, industry, agriculture and forestry, energy, transport, housing and communal complex, ecology and other areas.

Government agencies, commercial firms of different ownership forms, public organizations and non-profit partnerships are invited for participation. All of listed above carry out:

-biotechnology bioengineering developing and implementing them in order to produce new drugs, environment protection, conservation and restoration of flora and fauna,bioclimate effective use, development, health, agriculture and food industry;

-developing and manufacturing equipment for laboratory research and biocomplexes;

-providing information support, modeling and design in the biotechnology industry;

-contributing to the development of the biotechnological market infrastructure, scientific commercialization and technical achievements of the bioindustry.

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